TechTactical consulting services will help your firm create user focused, intuitive design of lighter, faster, force multiplying intelligence technologies that enable the modern warfighter/analyst and reduce training requirements.


Backed by deployed tactical collection experience TechTactical understands the physical and technical needs of the end user, the Warrior.

Reducing weight doesn’t mean simply making a warrior’s pack lighter, it means providing relevant, timely, focused data that informs and never distracts when it matters most.  With the mobile world all around us, TechTactical is a true believer in providing our Soldiers, Airmen, and Marines systems they can use intuitively and non-intrusively.


Business development consulting for today’s shrinking contract pool requires forward thinking and a current network in the military research & development community that only a recently separated service member can provide.

Whether it is revitalizing and repackaging existing capabilities or tailoring development and combining technologies to meet current industry needs, TechTactical can help you take your concept, design, or product to the next level.


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